Reflection/7406 (2012)

Profile Photograph By Pavel Proskuriakov


Here’s my first abstract photograph. I made it in 2012 and it revealed the direction that I had been looking for. It was an intuitive shot, I saw a man running along the street. The result astonished me. For a moment, I was staring at the camera monitor, as if shell-shocked. An accidental picture revealed an obvious aesthetic message. Absence of a specific image leads to the question: Who is it? A creature running on two legs and definitely representing a human, though similarity with a man is rather vague. Absence of face is a hint at loosing morality, at some ethic crisis, and loss of individuality. The creature’s run symbolizes high speed of modern life or the condition of haste. The black color is associated with infinity and the eternal mystery. The age of sense and materialism, humanity run along the golden road of success – I doubt whether it is the right way at all. That is the subject of my art.

Pavel Proskuriakov is a Russian-Israeli photo artist who is currently living and working in Israel. Proskuriakov was born in Novosibirsk, Russia in 1976. He has been interested in photography since his teenage years, when his father taught him to ... MOREMore


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