Leshi (1) (2016)

Profile Drawing By Mieke Blees


This drawing was inspired by the woods in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. I was interested in the subjectivity of experiencing the woods. Through 'researching' the filter of my own experience, I feel I might get to know the interconnection with it a little better. The title Leshi is the name of a mythological figure in Scandinavian folklore. Leshi lives in the woods, and it is said that when you encounter Leshi, he will tickle you to death. I associate the experience of being in the woods, with being tickled to death by all the sensory input, so this drawing 'channels' the spirit of Leshi, sort of speak. The paper this drawing was made on, is a natural/beige tone, rather than white. The black charcoal and white pastel, along with the other colors, give it depth and dimension. For best preservation it should be framed, but it can also be hung unframed with posterhangers, or in another fashion. I think it would also look good with just a simple wood frame around it (made out of canvas stretcher bars for instance).

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Mieke Blees

United States