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Buy a unique work of art online:

Our online wall art shop lets you browse contemporary artwork for sale online at accessible prices. Our site is simple-to-use and showcases innovative, unique pieces from across the globe. Everything is carefully curated by our expert team, meaning that it is guaranteed to be high quality. If you are wondering where to buy artwork, you have found the right place.

Wide selection of art:

Whether you are looking for a painting, print, drawing, photograph, sculpture or mixed media piece, we have a massive variety of specially selected, original artworks to suit any budget.

What’s more, we offer discounts for bulk buyers and businesses, a 14-day free returns policy and fast, secure online payment. Plus our worldwide delivery service means that you can enhance your home or business with the best of international talent.

Whether you are a first-time art buyer, an experienced collector or are making a purchase for a corporate client, we are here to offer you all the guidance and support you need

Specialised Art Advisory Service:

Our free, one-to-one Art Advisory Service will assist you in choosing the right artwork based on your needs, space, budget, style, taste and brief. Our team of highly talented curators will help you to find the perfect piece for your home or office.

Below are the details of our Refunds and Returns policy:

Cancelling orders —

If you cancel an order, there are two possibilities:

1. The order has not been shipped

In this case, we will refund all money paid (including shipping charges) within 48 hours of the Artist confirming the cancellation.

2. The order has been shipped

You will have 14 days to return the artwork (in its original packaging) to get a refund. Please note that, in this case, we cannot refund shipping charges.

To cancel your order:

  • Log in to your account with Art Prism.
  • Select 'My Account' in the drop-down menu under your name (top right of the homepage).
  • Select 'My Orders'.
  • Click on the relevant order number.
  • Click 'Cancel' on the relevant item(s).
  • Click 'OK'.
  • *Please note that refunds will be made according to whether the item has been shipped or not (as described above).

Returning an Artwork:

If you purchase an artwork through Art Prism, you can return it within 14 days of receipt and get a full refund of the purchase price. Please note that you must return the item in its original condition and packaging.

Please also note that we cannot refund shipping charges, unless the artwork arrives in a damaged condition. If this is the case, please see our notes on refunds for damaged artworks.

Refunds will be paid (excluding shipping charges) within 3 working days of the artist confirming receipt of the returned artwork.

To return an artwork:

Email us at and provide the order number, Artist’s name, reasons for returning and supporting images if applicable.

Applying for a refund on an artwork delivered in a damaged condition —

Although we request that artists take all reasonable measures to ensure that orders are adequately packaged for safe transit, accidents and negligence sometimes happen. If your item arrives in a damaged condition, we apologize on the artist’s behalf for any inconvenience caused. You can email us for a refund at and provide the order number, Artist’s name, reasons for returning and supporting images if applicable.

Please note that you must make your claim for a refund on a damaged item within 14 days of its arrival. In the case of prints, you can request a replacement as soon as Artist has confirmed receipt of the original item. Art Prism will refund the full price (including shipping charges) of the damaged item within 48 hours of the Artist confirming receipt of the returned item.

Reimbursement of shipping charges for a returned artwork:

Whether we reimburse shipping charges on returned artwork will depend on the reason for returning it. If the artwork was adequately represented by the Artist on Art Prism, and you’re returning the item because you’ve changed your mind for some reason, then you will need to pay the return costs. If, however, the artwork was misrepresented by the Artist, or if the item was damaged in transit because of inadequate packaging, you will be reimbursed return shipping charges.

Ready to start searching for the perfect piece? Browse our huge selection of contemporary art from around the world or get advice from one of our expert advisors.

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