31 Dec 2018

By Anna Hor

Staple pieces of art are not just for decoration, a pretty piece of artwork has more purpose than you think and are in fact significant assets for your business. Displaying artwork in your businesses premises is not only key for design purposes, but also plays a vital role in making your clients, visitors or employees feel a certain way too. Artwork embodies a range of different functions that are ideal for benefitting your business for the better which we have concluded for you in this article.

Art sets the tone for your business:

Buying an original piece of artwork provides your business’ premises with a sense of personality and individuality, whether it is through building up a collection of art that encapsulates a coherent style, or simply different pieces of art you like that punctuates your Business’ building or offices. Artwork inherently reveals a lot about your business, indulging in a piece of artwork or having a collection of original paintings shows that your business cares about their appearance and reputation, going the extra mile to impress their visitors. It can make your business stand out too, an eye-catching piece of artwork in your business.’ reception, waiting area or boardroom can be an easy way to make your business more memorable to clients. Looking at a piece of art can trigger memories and feelings, inspire you, or simply make you feel a certain way. Therefore, art is a key feature in setting the tone and atmosphere in your business for your staff and guests, as it can serve as comforting, welcoming or solely to impress people. Having artwork in your businesses reception or waiting areas can make your clients feel more relaxed and at ease especially if they are new to the business.’ building.

Art is good for you:

The therapeutic nature of art can ‘rebalance our characters, recover calm, rediscover hope, expand our capacities for empathy and help us to learn to appreciate the every day.’ According to writer and philosopher Alain de Botton. Looking at artwork essentially uplifts your employees and client’s moods, encouraging a happy state of mind and subsequently the businesses environment in general. It has in fact been proven that having art in businesses working environments helps to promote employee’s productivity, decrease stress and improve wellbeing too. As suggested by Dr. Craig Knight, who has studied the psychology of working environments for 12 years at the University of Exeter “If you enrich a space people feel much happier and work better; an excellent way of doing this is by using art.” Therefore, as recommended by experts, investing in a piece of art for your business is essential and beneficial for everyone. The artwork is engaging and stimulating; it occupies the viewer as it makes them question what they are looking. Owning a piece of art in a social area of your business’ premises can act as a conversation starter since art is subjective, people may interpret it differently and have their own opinions about it. Every piece of art has a story to tell; therefore it’s a good idea to have artwork dotted around your business to enable space for thought whether it is giving your employees a few minutes to look at it and relax or give waiting for clients something to look at.

Reveals your businesses values:

Art can speak louder than words. Artwork with a specific subject matter can indicate your business’s values. For example, a Veterinary Practice that has a painting of cats or dogs subtly reinforces the fact they are pet orientated, and that they are at the heart of their business. Contemporary art often embodies social, historical and cultural issues/themes therefore artwork can be valuable in revealing your business’ values, social positions or attitudes. Buying artwork from a different country may encapsulate that country’s traditional style of art typical to their culture, or capture current trends in art overseas to bring something new and different to your business. Furthermore, buying art from local artists shows that your company invests in the community and gives your business a sense of local purpose. Buying and retaining pieces of art can, in fact, create a future investment potential, in which a piece of art you invested in may go up in price years later. Buying an original piece of art is a unique entity, and unlike buying shares and commodities it can’t be replaced which is something to take pride in- there are no other versions of it out there.

For interior design purposes:

The artwork is a great design tool for your businesses interiors, giving the buildings your business occupies character, adding colour to plain walls, brightening and transforming empty spaces making them look less dull and boring. Buying art that compliments the interior design or the furniture is key in indicating your business’ attention to detail, for instance, an orange painting to go with that orange sofa in the waiting area of reception, making the space look sleeker and trendy. Artwork can even temporarily hide minor flaws that need fixing such as by placing a large framed print over the paint peeling off the wall, or distract from undesirable architectural features! If your businesses premises have an individual style, a simple statement piece of artwork or multiple pieces can work well in accompanying the aesthetic or can function to contrast with it. Most commonly minimal, abstract paintings are suited to a minimalistic interior or a loud, busy painting to contrast with it. Artwork can enhance a specific theme your business has too like an American style diner, with appropriate pieces of art that can help fulfill the theme the way you want it to. Designing your premises interior around a piece of artwork can work even better, are you renovating an office or reception? Why not buy a piece of artwork first and design the new room around it, this can be a fun way of tailoring and refining a space that is based around your tastes, not looking like every other office or reception.