30 Jan 2018

Compiled by Art Prism team

The Internet offers a more instant, extensive and strong online presence to artists than the attention they’d accumulate from physical exhibitions of their artworks in galleries. Artists that are new and yet to become established are the ones making the most use of websites such as Art Prism that offer them an art marketplace to present their work to a global audience. Not only does the internet kick-start the recognition process for the artist, but it also helps the artist make a name for himself and become more popular.

Online galleries such as Art Prism bring buyers and sellers together. Here are some smart tips for the artists to maximize the attention they get and increase their sales-

1. Link your listing and store to social media business pages: Post your store and artwork links on social media as much as possible. Social media marketing can help to achieve many goals such as increasing seller’s popularity, creating brand image and awareness, engaging directly with the key audiences and building conversions. We have found that Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are most effective platforms for art related promotions. By setting up business pages, you can bring your art to the masses by drawing attention to your work absolutely free of cost.

2. Provide as much information as possible when listing your artworks: When selling art online, you might want to add every little piece of documentation that adds to the thought process involved and the integrity of your art. Descriptions and artist’s statements help the potential buyer know more about the artwork and what it represents. Your content makes for a good way to engage with the audience and help them get to know your art better. Any awards you may have received is always worth mentioning. Work videos and pictures also give the viewers a glimpse of the artist’s journey to completion of the art, thereby, drawing in interest.

3. Choosing appropriate category and subject: Buyers are often looking for a particular kind of art that they’re keenly interested in. It may be by the same artist, or from different ones. In order to attract the potential buyers looking for the kind of art similar to yours, it is necessary to choose the correct category. The subject and style you chose as an artist, only reflects further on what your art is about.

4. Keep the store updated: A common amateur mistake amongst the new and upcoming artists is the failure to delete sold items from the store in a timely fashion. A tightly regulated store sends the message that you mean business, and increases the buyer’s confidence in your store. Ordering an item that has already been sold out is not only misleading, but equally disappointing as well. Likewise, the addition of items as soon as they’re available for sale is just as important.

5. Use appropriate keywords when uploading artworks: Keywords streamline the process of acquiring the targeted audience for your art. This makes it necessary for the artist to appoint keywords that are relevant to the art itself in order to facilitate buyers that are interested in work like yours, to visit your page and go through what you have to offer.

6. Ship globally and expand your buyers’ pool: From a statistical point of view, the number of sales an artist makes is dictated by the number of views they receive on their artwork. Shipping of the art restricts the audience to areas where you can ship. If one decides to ship globally, they’re opening their work to everyone around the globe.