6 Feb 2018

Compiled by Art Prism team

How do you want others to recognize you and the art you create? By building your image as an artist, you will discover something amazing and wonderful — your identity. Here are some useful tips to help you in building your image as an artist:

1. Tell the audience about yourself

Think about the statement you’re trying to make through your art and the meaning you associate with it. You also need to tell people what makes your art unique, the inspiration that became your muse and about the technique used in the process. By answering these questions, you can make viewers relate to you through your artworks.

2. Set your goals as an artist

Everyone has an end goal, an objective they want to achieve. What do you want to accomplish as an artist through your artworks? With time, your answer to that question will change. For a start, you may want to spread the word about your art by displaying it publicly for attention and exposure. Perhaps, being an artist is your part-time job, or you want to become a professional artist. Whatever your objective is, aim to achieve it by developing a plan, and then take the right steps to reach it.

3. How do you actively publicize your art?

There are several ways you can spread the word about your art. You can work together with other artists on an art project or help each other gain a following. You can take the advice of established artists to learn how they spread the word about their art. If you have several artists in your network, host a small gathering to help them network with each other.Registering on art marketplace websites and listing your artworks will also help in gaining a wider exposure to the audience.

4. How can you become accessible?

You need to make yourself accessible to the public. You can do this through online engagement, in-person, or an online or physical store. Get on social media. Use the different social media platforms to connect with people from all over the world. You can create an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google plus, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Share your artwork through these social media platforms.

5. How can you keep your audience engaged?

You want your audience to return to you. You want them to anticipate your next piece of artwork and your next art collection. You want to keep both collectors and fans engaged with your artwork. Apart from sharing and selling your art to them, share details about yourself.Maybe ask your audience for their opinion? What do you like doing other than creating art? Try to connect with them on a more profound and meaningful level.

6. Do your research well

Watch what other artists are doing and do your research well. See how they are pricing their artworks, how they are trying to engage with the audience and what sets them apart.

You may feel that you are evolving as an artist and your new work is stronger than what you produced before.Or you might think of re-branding your image, changing how you share your art with others. The path to success may be long, but hard work and sheer determination always lead to success!