27 Dec 2017

Compiled by Art Prism team

Art business is one of the realms which have been greatly influenced by advancement in global connectivity. In fact, e-commerce is a prevalent method of trade is continually influencing the way businesses and industries operate, including the art industry. In older times, art exhibitions only attracted people who already had an adequate understanding of art, thus drawing in a small number of visitors. This has been successfully overcome in the modern era where artists have access to an audience comprised of millions of people, through the facilitation of internet and social media. However, it isn’t to say that artists today are free of struggles though.
Artists need platforms such as art galleries and exhibitions where they can showcase their work to the world. To do so, their work has to be accepted by the owner of the gallery, after which their artwork can be featured. At Art Prism, the artists selected are handpicked to maintain the quality of art available and providing new artists a chance to stand amongst the best thereby steepening their learning curve. Art Prism is an accessible platform for artists that want to sell their work and generate profit.
Fortunately, Art Prism provides an online platform that provides the artists with access to a large number of potential buyers worldwide, thereby facilitating the interaction of buyers with sellers. This has made it possible for artists to exhibit their artwork online, to an audience that is unrestricted by the number of people an art gallery building can hold. The greater the number of visits your artwork receives, the more it increases the probability of sale, which makes this platform a widespread choice for artists everywhere.
Before the existence of the internet and useful websites like Art Prism, art exhibitions and galleries were an artist’s only resort. Exploiting such circumstances, heavy commissions would sometimes be imposed by the galleries on each sale that the artist made, and for the lack of a better option, this reality was accepted amongst the artists. Art Prism is the only curated online art gallery that has a standard 20% commission policy on each sale made on it, saving artists from overexploitation on other mediums. Additionally, it’s completely free of cost to join! All you have to do to utilize this online global exhibition opportunity is sign up free of cost and get started by uploading your work.
Art Prism has a community of acclaimed artists whose work is followed and desired by many. This provides the young and emerging artists the opportunity to stand amongst the best in the business, and augment their skills to thrive in the art business drastically. Selling art online amongst other talented artists will get the new artist a head start on their way to recognition. Once you get the hang of it, it is fairly simple to develop an increasingly more significant online presence by gaining followers, accumulating good reviews, interacting with potential buyers, along with all factors that will aid in increasing your credibility as an artist online.