Artist in Focus: Bryan Lavelle

13 Jul 2018

U.K based visual artist, Bryan Lavelle’s work is an investigation into the properties of his chosen materials and the process of painting.Bryan’s work has no layers of hidden meaning or narrative waiting to be uncovered, nor does it elude to be anything that it isn’t; through making external references outside of the work itself….

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How to Sell Your Art Online And Make Money

20 Jun 2018

By Marie Lewis

Whether you’re an artist or a collector, you’ve probably wondered how to sell your art online. The online market can seem daunting, but it is undoubtedly the best way to sell fine art to an international audience. On top of reaching potential buyers around the world, you have a lot more flexibility…

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Where To Buy Art?

18 May 2018

By Rhiannon Flood

An increasingly important question as more people than ever are purchasing original, contemporary artworks for their homes. The connoisseurs of old have had to release their vice-like grip on art markets along with the exclusivity and – let’s face it – elitism that has long surrounded (and stifled) the process of art-buying.


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Five Advantages of Online Art Galleries

9 May 2018

Here at Art Prism, we like to make things easy for buyers and artists alike. So, for those of you still
hesitating; wondering whether virtual art galleries are the way to go.. here’s a handy info-graphic
outlining the top five reasons why online art galleries really are the future when it comes to

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A Minimalist Genealogy: How Minimalism Has Evolved Over Time

6 Apr 2018

by Jobe Moakes

(Picture Courtsey:Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís)

No artistic movement exists in a vacuum; they do not emerge from the ether fully formed as distinctive styles with a unitary defining aesthetic. Rather, they develop gradually in response to both the artistic traditions that have come before them and social/cultural milieu within which they unfold….

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