Where To Buy Art?

18 May 2018

By Rhiannon Flood

An increasingly important question as more people than ever are purchasing original, contemporary artworks for their homes. The connoisseurs of old have had to release their vice-like grip on art markets along with the exclusivity and – let’s face it – elitism that has long surrounded (and stifled) the process of art-buying.


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Five Advantages of Online Art Galleries

9 May 2018

Here at Art Prism, we like to make things easy for buyers and artists alike. So, for those of you still
hesitating; wondering whether virtual art galleries are the way to go.. here’s a handy info-graphic
outlining the top five reasons why online art galleries really are the future when it comes to

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A Minimalist Genealogy: How Minimalism Has Evolved Over Time

6 Apr 2018

by Jobe Moakes

(Picture Courtsey:Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís)

No artistic movement exists in a vacuum; they do not emerge from the ether fully formed as distinctive styles with a unitary defining aesthetic. Rather, they develop gradually in response to both the artistic traditions that have come before them and social/cultural milieu within which they unfold….

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Why We Need Art in our Lives

29 Mar 2018

By Rhiannon Flood

Making time for visiting the latest art exhibitions may not come high up on most people’s list of priorities. Our busy, hectic lives are crammed full with commitments and responsibilities so that appreciating art becomes a luxury rather than a necessity. But researchers at California University, Berkeley have found that contact with art…

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Importance of Social Media and Online Platforms for an Artist

12 Mar 2018

Compiled by Art Prism team

We live in a world where social media and online platforms have become crucial to a business’s and a person’s success and in our case, an artist’s success. If you are an artist, you need to spread the word about your artwork through these channels. Before you do, however, you…

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