Ten struggles visual artists face in their day to day life

28 Feb 2019

By Anna Hor

Visual artists face many struggles and barriers in the development and upholding of their
careers on a daily basis. This unfortunately is not only a stigma associated with the visual
arts sector, but is based on evidence that shows that jobs in the visual arts sector are
precarious and poorly paid. Here are some…

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Artist in Focus: Elizabeth Becker

31 Jan 2019

I work primarily in watercolor, a ‘living’ medium, whose spontaneity and immediacy teaches me to let go, become present in the moment and embrace imperfections. Working loosely and expressively, I allow the paint to have a life of its own as colors bleed together and slowly bloom. It’s in this intuitive state that I…

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Top Reasons Why Buying Art Is Essential For Businesses

31 Dec 2018

By Anna Hor

Staple pieces of art are not just for decoration, a pretty piece of artwork has more purpose than you think and are in fact significant assets for your business. Displaying artwork in your businesses premises is…

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Artist in Focus: Gill Bustamante

26 Oct 2018

Gill Bustamante is a professional artist based in the UK and she paints nature inspired paintings in oil on large canvases. Her painting style is a fusion of Expressionist, Impressionist, a little Art Nouveau and something she refers to as ‘Memory Impressionism’. Her paintings often have slightly mystical elements within them.

What is your…

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Eight Reasons to Buy Contemporary Art for your Workplace

20 Sep 2018

By Rhiannon Flood 

Millennials expect more from their workplaces than previous generations and are expected to make up almost 50% of the UK workforce by 2020. Business owners cannot afford to ignore their views and preferences. With office design fast becoming a significant priority for start-ups and established companies alike, the feel of a workplace, and…

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