Art Prism connects artists with their Audiences

and business-owners with inspiring artworks for their premises.

Studies have shown that art in the workplace:

  • Increases productivity,
  • Increases well-being,
  • Uplifts and inspires Staff and Visitors,
  • Adds character and sets the tone for your Business

Creating an inspiring atmosphere in the workplace is about more than just mass-produced “wall art” – stand out from the crowd with an original contemporary artwork.

Some advantages we offer:

  • Highly affordable - thanks to our low commission charge of only 20%, meaning artists can set lower prices for their artworks and still make a decent profit.
  • Heavy discounts on bulk orders, and we can even make sure the final price includes framing if needed.
  • User-friendly platform, allowing customers to browse and shop anywhere at any time.
  • We ship to any country and deal in 3 currencies: Euros, Pound Sterling, and US dollars.
  • All of the artworks have been expertly hand-picked by our team of curators.
  • Free art advisory service.
  • A fantastic returns policy.

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