Art Prism is a juried online gallery specializing in art advisory service for clients interested in decorating their home or office with modern and contemporary artwork. We serve as a medium between talented artists and art lovers from all over the world.

Through our free art advisory service, we assist our clients in choosing artwork based on their requirement, budget, space, style, and brief. We have a team of highly talented curators who share our clients’ love for the arts.

They have the experience, a keen sense, and a sharp eye to select and present artwork from our global and customized artwork selection that suits their interests and taste. We look forward to talking to our clients about our mutual passion for the arts on the phone and through email. We will discuss what our clients are looking for exactly and how we can fulfill their requests by telling them about paintings, prints, sculptures, and drawings they may like from our customized artwork collection.

We provide our clients with unbiased and objective advice in regards to every artwork we show as well as other areas of discussion and inquiry. We can give our clients access to the highest quality artworks on our art marketplace because we have maintained relationships with artists from all over the globe who use us as a platform to showcase their artwork to a worldwide audience.

Our two-way relationship with clients and artists has enabled us to cultivate trust and confidence in our abilities to assess, select, and present notable and worthy artwork from both sides. Through our free art advisory service, we strive to satisfy the needs of our clients by presenting them with artwork they would be proud to put on display in their home or office.

As a curated online art marketplace, we have successfully mastered the art of buying and selling by incorporating essential elements needed to become a thriving platform for both art lovers and artists. Art Prism offers: 

Global Selection  

We aim to forge relationships with talented artists as our company grows and keeps in line with our vision to give our clients access to a wide range of artists from around the globe. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We offer a free 14-day returns policy on all artwork, so if you’re not satisfied with your artwork, you can return it and speak with us so we can assist you in finding the artwork you love.

Free Art Advisory Service 

Our professional art curator will consult with you at no charge to offer you a personalized art advisory experience.

Original Art for Any Budget 

Our extensive collection of paintings, photographs, sculptures, prints, and drawings are available at different prices to accommodate all types of budgets and projects.

Shipped Worldwide 

Our registers sellers from around the world will ship the artwork to your given address.

Individuals or corporates looking for artwork for workspace or home should explore our vast artwork collection.

Take advantage of our free art advisory service on our art marketplace so we can find you the perfect artwork to add to your existing collection. We also offer competitive discounts to businesses.

For free art advisory services, you can Contact us or call us at +44 8006 890 824. We are available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM UK time only.