Why to sell on Art Prism?

  • Reach an international buying audience
  • Pay only 20% commission on sales
  • Create and manage your own store 
  • 100% free to use 
  • Listing marketed at no cost 

The selection process will involve judging artistic quality(composition and overall impression of the art), quality of ideas, creativity, and originality.We are looking for work that is of gallery quality, interesting and contemporary.For us to be able to assess your application, please ensure that you- 

Introduce yourself:

Please tell us about yourself. A good description is always enticing to the audience and will help them to get to know you and the inspiration behind your work.

Provide quality images of your artworks:

The artworks should be photographed in a well lit area and in correct orientation. All the photographs must be of high resolution and the background cropped so it is purely the image of your work which is presented.

Include details of your online presence:

Please provide us links of your website/blog/social media presence so that we get to know you more. Art Prism can help direct customers to your blog, web site etc and widen further your on-line presence! Customers will enjoy researching you and understanding your work and you as the Artist.

Upload right:

Make sure you understand that we only accept Original artworks and limited edition prints (limited to 150 prints). No reproductions are allowed on our platform, all works must be originals.

Provide us more information:

Its always more interesting to find out the whole thought process involved in creating your art. Please talk about your processes, materials and methodology. Customers will enjoy discovering the motivations behind your work. Explanation of the subject and materials of the work is richly supportive, helping customers form a deeper connection to the work they are enjoying looking at. All of which ultimately helps us, as your Gallery, to promote your work!

*Please note that we reserve the rights to reject an application at our own discretion. Unfortunately due to high number of applications we cannot individually respond to queries related to declined application.